If you're new to the Southwest Freeride Series, you may have some questions about how this all works. Maybe you've just forgotten the process of online registration.  Here, we want to walk you through the process of registering for one of our events online.  It's not that difficult, but it takes a little learning.  The following is a step by step of how to register for any of our events online.  We prefer athletes to register online because that make the process the day of the event more efficient for us, for you or your athlete AND you save money.


First, to register online, you will be taken to another website.  The website for the USASA:  Once there, you will click on the "Events" button.  

The following is an image from the USASA's site:

After clicking on the "EVENTS" button, then click on "Regional Series Events" circled in red above. That will take you to the following page:

Above, you will see that you click on the blue tab next to "Series" and then

scroll down to "Southwest Freeride Series".

On the Southwest Freeride Series page, you will click on "REGISTER ONLINE" seen above circled in red. That will take you to this page:  (If the GREEN button "REGISTER ONLINE" is not next to the event, that means online registration for that event has closed).

Click on "Add to Cart"

Click on "Checkout"   


This will take you to a page to enter your credit card information and complete the transaction.  You will receive an email confirmation of your registration.  If you do not receive an email confirmation,

you ARE NOT registered.  


Online registration closes Thursday at 11:59pm the week of the event! For example:  If the competition is on Saturday, January 20th, the online registration for the event on Saturday January 20th closes on Thursday Jan 18th at midnight.    


If you still have questions about online registration, please email us at the following: