Each Sanctioned Regional Series (Southwest Freeride Series is 1 of 32 Regional Series) is allocated one slot for their series winner in each discipline and age/gender group. 


Each Sanctioned Regional Series can name their second place finisher in each discipline, gender, and age class as an alternate in the event, if the first place finisher can’t attend. 

Series winner or alternate slots cannot be handed down to the next available rider. (i.e. lower than second place) 

In the event that neither the regional series winner nor alternate is able to attend Nationals, that spot is forfeited by the regional series and will be filled through the National Rankings. 

National Champions from the previous year in each discipline are pre-qualified for the National Championships, provided they are current USASA members in good standing by March 1st. Previous year’s National Champion will be seeded first in that discipline at the current National Championship. 

Overall National Champions from the previous year will be pre-qualified for the National Championships in the events their overall title represents. Overall Champions will be seeded 2nd in each discipline at the current year’s National Championship.

In the Southwest Freeride Series

The winner of each age category (Best Two Finishes), male & female, boarder & freeskier will be qualified for Nationals.

Tie Breaking Procedures

Ties are broken using the Best Result or Total Points for SL, GS, SBX, & SX. Ties in SS and HP will be broken using Highest Overall Impression Score.

National Points

The points system is a standardized scoring system used by all USASA Series. All series must provide results in each discipline for which they have riders, male and female. Therefore, our series will provide National results in Rail Jam, Slalom, GS, BX, Slopestyle, and Half Pipe for male and female, in each age category.